Apple Watch 3 Review

Hey Apple watch users you got a new watching experience with Apple Watch series 3. Yes! Apple Has finally launched and started shipping for his Apple Watch 3 and after some research I got a little bit of information of this amazing watch. So lets watch out whats new and whats cool it is this time in this watch.


After all everyone of us know that apple gives us a great performance as well as experience on its devices but apple watches are not so capable of giving such experience of using it but this time its quite changed. Yes! apple has enhanced his performance in both apple iPhone 8 & 10 as well as in Apple watch series 3. apple watch is capable to store your ll whatsapp messages and your simple texts your Facebook messages at the same time which means this watch can read 1000 of messages at the same time without failure.

this means your apple watch will not crash if you want read any important message and you can not use your iPhone there so this is a good choice s well it also gives a great experience for Calling if you are unable to hold your iPhone to talk so you will use your apple watch there but sometime because of overload on software of your watch your call ends, which is quite frustrating but here it will not happen again because this time this watch is one level your friend or anybody you are talking with will not be able to know that you are using a watch but you will not get a great experience of listening voice so you should use your Ear Buds or Headphone to talk or to listen music.

Battery Life

So the Most Important part of any device is its Battery Life and this time apple has amazed everyone by its battery life. As you can take example of iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 they all launched with great battery life and with the same technology, apple launched apple watch series 3 with a great battery experience you can use it regularly till 6 to 8 hours nonstop. This is great and its display experience is also very good.

LTE Connectivity

I should also mention that I didn’t notice the widely reported issue where the Series 3 tries to latch on to open WiFi networks it shouldn’t. That’s probably because I’m kind of anal about what WiFi network settings I actually keep saved on MacBook and iPhone; I generally clear out everything but my home and work configurations.
Using Siri was also a pleasant surprise — it typically gets a bad rap, but my experience so far has been great.

It very quickly got to the point where I could ditch the precise pronunciation I reserve for virtual assistants and just talk like myself. There was one moment when I was walking around downtown Manhattan and Siri failed to connect, but she’s otherwise turning out to be the Series 3’s MVP. The other contender for that title is the updated chipset inside; it makes the Series 3 much more capable. Switching between apps (accessible using the flat side button) was the smoothest experience I’ve had yet on an Apple Watch.


So far, the Series 3 has been a mixed bag. The big performance gains mean it’s much more pleasant to actually use, but most people don’t need what amounts to a second, more limited phone lashed to their wrists.