What Is Internet ?How does Browser works?

What is Internet? How does Browsers Works What Is Internet First of all Internet Stands For International Network Or Inter Networking. It Connects Computer Networks (LAN, WAN, MAN), Stand-Alone PCs And Similar Devices All Over the World Together By means of Wires, telephone Lines, Cables, Microwave and Communication Satellites. It…


What Is Phishing? How we get affected from it?

What Is Phishing- Phishing is The Attempt To Obtain Sensitive information Such As Usernames,and credit Card details (And Sometimes, Indirectly, Money), Often For Malicious Reasons, By Masquerading As a Trustworthy Entity in an Electronic Communication. How Phishing Works? Phishing Emails May Contain Links to Websites That Are Infected With Malware.…


What is Cloud Computing? Types Of Clouds and How They Works?

What Is Cloud Computing- The Cloud Computing Is Just Other Name “Internet”.This Name Is Basically derived From The Traditional Symbol Of a Cloud In Flowcharts And Diagram To Depict The Internet .Hence The Term Cloud Computing translate to “Internet Computing “.thus We Can Say Cloud Computing Means To Store And…