Now a days technology has improved itself very much and the living example of technology is mobiles phones which are called as Smartphones Now.

There was a day when phones are only used for calling someone and that was also called as a miracle but soon phones become larger and phone got and evolution of Games and then Internet and slowly slowly when phones got the special position they got there biggest evolution which was touch screen but it do not stops there as soon touch screen smartphones comes in market they banged up and then a company named Appleintroduced its new iPhone where they had made it voice control and it breaks all records created ever and the voice assistant was known as “SIRI”.

Most of us used or heard about siri in Apple SmartPhones but now android users will also get the experience of a personal assistant.
Google has not officially announced about this but they started a beta version of android voice control.
In this applicaton (in beta version) each icon will contain a number after you start this beta version then what number you will speak it will open that application of that specified number.
This feature is not going to be launched in every android device but only in Google Nexus series or in Google Pixel series.
because google always target its nexus series to improve just like the first new update will received by google pixel or google nexus phones.

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Google VOice Control