About Ethical Hacking

We know that today everyone have a desire to learn hacking but they don’t know what is hacking and what type of hacking is legal or illegal so lets See Which Type of hacking can help you and what is its pros and cons if you try to hack anything

So lets First Check Out the type of hackers. There are three types of hackers. White hat hackers , Grey hat hackers and Black hat hackers.

Black Hat Hacker

As usually u all know after getting the name that black hat hackers are the most dangerous Hackers of all time they  do not take permission From the user to access his/her computer and can leak its personal information they hack computers not for there personal use but for money they hack computers and then ask for money from the user and if he dont gives him money he leak its all information publicly.Black Hathackers are completely illegal hackers..

White Hat Hackers

The White color indicates the color of peace as it is White hat hackers are not dangerous because they do not still information of a person but they are called in big companies who give them money to check there website strength by which if any Black Hat Hacker Suppose to try to Hack they will not be able to do that because a group of white hat hackers is already inside the computer who will stop them and not only stop they can even Ban them. Mostly IT Companies Like google and Facebook They Hire Them and sometimes even they pay about 10000$ as a Reward to save there websites from illegal Hacking. And because they are hired to Hack there own websites so these Types of Hackers are Called Ethical or Legal Hackers.

Grey Hat Hackers

Now sure that you are thinking that both legal and illegal are done then which type of hackers does these Grey Hat Are So let me tell you that these Hacker are neither Legal Nor illegal because they don’t hack to earn money or they do not hack for any company they only hack websites for there personal use just like Server Hacking in Games. If these Hackers are caught by police then they will not be left and also they will not get jailed only if they caught they have to pay a charge of approx 60000$ or less.