Firewall is a invisible type of of fire resistant wall which covers your computer and stop malwares to enter and remove those malwares which is already inside your computer. While you are surfing internet you get lots of negative malicious websites which enters your PC then this work as wall to prevent them to not install any unwanted junk to your computer it makes a wall on all sides of your computer and tries to give access to only that file which are verified by You which agree to permissions and if your computer have any malware or virus and you are connected to a network with 10 more peoples it will help to not spread to there computers as well.

Types OF Firewall

  1. Hardware based
  2. software based


Hardware based Firewall are generally found in routers or u can buy them from market and they gives u a hardware protection for example if i connected 10 devices from my router and my router is firewall enabled then all 10 devices will automatically enable firewall on them.

Whenever you go to any website and login there you send a packet with your id attached and then you receive another packet send by that website with an id attached fire wall checks that packets and if there id is correct only then it allows to enter to your computer and if the is fake or unwanted it does not allow passage to it.


The software based firewall can be found in Antiviruses such as Nortan , mac’fee etc or you get firewall enabled with your windows Its work is also same as hardware based but it do one more thing for example sometimes you install any software and it shows a popup in which you see that do u want to allow passage to this software or not.

Sometimes u get irritated by this that what is this every time its comes and I have to allow this whenever i install a new software.

But guys you don’t know if firewall do not do this then you can be attacked easily your bank info or you card info can be stealled sometimes u see some popups while running a software that your device is slow and you click it you think that it cleans your memory but in fact it fills your memory you uses internet and internet have millions of malicious sites which seems like a antivirus but they are bad viruses.

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