How To Fix Battery Adapter of Your Laptop If Not Working.

I fall in a big trouble my laptop is not charging after i plugged my charger into my charging port I tried so many methods like i reinstall all cables and checked them are they working properly or not but they are working but still my charger is not charging my laptop but now i fixed it and got the method to how to fix this charging problem in only few steps.

So guys lets directly get into the steps.

Here Is How To Fix This.

step-1-First of all Remove Your charger from your laptop.
step-2-remove your laptops battery.
step-3-replug your charger.
step-4-turn your laptop on without battery.
step-5-after turning your laptop on just goto control panel.
step-6-search “Device Manager” and click on it.
step-7-expand your batteries option and uninstall “Microsoft AC adapter”, Microsoft ACPI-complaint control method battery. (they both will reinstall after you restart your laptop)
step-8-Shut down your laptop and remove the charger.
step-9-Insert the battery and replug your charger.
step-10-open your laptop and your problem should be fixed.
due to further reasons your laptop is not charging-(a)-maybe Your Charging Slot is Damaged.
(b)-maybeyour Charging Cable is Damaged.
(c)-maybe your Charging Software of your laptop is

If one of above all happens then after 0% of battery your laptop will not open until you fix that.Hence use it carefully. maybe your laptop is still not charging then don’t try to open it because its too complicated and if you opened that then you are gonna lost your laptop forever so please dont try to open it without the help of any master of motherboard.