what is servers

What is a server| How Does It Works.

So Guys All Of Just Thing How Your Reading My Posts And How Its Appearing On Your Mobile,Laptop or Computer Screen As I Wrote This Post Many Times Before And Still You Are Able To See This On Your Screen And In Future Too You Will Be Able To See My Posts Whenever You Want Its All Because All These Items Have been Stored in A Server Of WordPress or In Server Of Google Its All been Sent From that Server To Your Computer Screen.

Server are of many types such that i am writing about data storing servers and servers you use to play games is also another type of servers and many more variety of servers is available they all works according to there needs.

And according to this a question comes up is that we are using I3,I4 processors and change it to Intel series of processors so guys if i tell you about structure of a server station so a server station is huge and big machine which stores a large and a huge amount of data on it just like any server is storing my written posts on it and show to all of you.

As an example we can take facebook as you uploaded any picture of yours it wont get deleted ever until you will it from the server. and hardware of these server station is also very different from other hardwares as it works on a high quality.
As in our homes if our device restarts then we don’t have to take tension because we know it will restart in few seconds and works as it works and nothing will get damaged.

Here just think if server station or you can say “Back Bone Of Internet” faces any problem like this then a huge problem can occurs at the same time in complete universe those who are using that server that time thats why a very high grade memory is used and hardwares are also of high quality and hard drives are also used of very high quality. So now you think this a job of huge responsibility that keeping your data always safe and secured and to Maintane it and to serve you all.

As now if you build your own server on your home and using it then you can access your items which is stored in server from any room or from any place where as if you are using you smart phone as your server then you can cast your smart phones gallery in your laptop so this works for you as a local server and if we take a look on dedicated servers then it is very expensive and there codes are also very typical.

Now as if you guys also thinks about making your own website then you have to own your own server which we call web hosting on which a variety of servers or hardwares you will get on it as much you will invest on it you will get more facility.

So all these thing are very complicated if say it in easy language then whatever you use either you are sending a message on whatsapp or you are doing a video call on skype these all thing happpen because of servers there are so many backups of servers.

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