How To earn Money Online- Blogging Vs Youtube

Now a days There are Millions of people who work Online Earns Money some of them are millionaire Today But its not easy as it looks and somewhere its even Not Much Difficult To create your own website and use it to earn money the Only thing you need to know is How to do that and how to Traffic to your website and the you get that you will get all this so continue reading and get to know about this.

How Blogging Works

Let us First Know how blogging works so first of all if you already learned two or more than two programming language like if you know C, C++, Xml, HTML then you can program a blog by using but on this you need to create your own theme and colours etc but there is also one more way to create a blog by using online websites just like WordPress,Blogspot,Blogger by using these sites you can create a blog and use it but you need to share your earning with them just like if you already earned 100$ then you will get approx 80 or than 80 but not 100 because they take few money for them but it is also not easy that you picked a category and start writting about that.

So let me tell i am blogging from september 2016 and till now i got my 1$ because getting traffic in your sit eis more difficult than climbing a mountain and that day when you had start having traffic more than 10000 views per month after this nobody can stop you from becoming Rich because ads are charged by watching traffic in your website that if you are having 1000 or more than 1000 views per month than you can be charged approx 0.10$  but less than this can goto 0.00$ too but if you are having 10000 or more views you can be charged 1$ too.

But it can be a time taking process and getting traffic in your site can take more than 3 or 4 years also but there are some bloggers who became popular in less than 2 years it depend on your theme that what theme and category you are using. but there is one more thing that if the owners of the website you used to make your weblog dont like your topic than they can also unapprove your site so that your site will not get ads and you will not get paid and let me tell that my site is approved in a weak.

How YouTube Works

Now lets see How to earn on YouTube. So Let me tell you that you tube is the best platform to learn and earn online. On YouTube you have to make a video of your content and edit that video and post it on YouTube Channel so that others can see and let others like and share your videos but there is a disadvantage of YouTube that nobody else can make a video in place of you but In case of blog you can make someone else your partner.

So that if you have not any idea of anything your partner can also write a post on it now according to YouTube new policy you need 10000 views to start ads on your videos now earning is easier on youtube than blogging that it i given you like a monthly salary and this is send by cheque you will recieve a cheque of your total earning and here you gets yourcall money you have not to give a single percent of your earning to youtube the Top Most Youtubers of India Are on tech- Technical Guruji is the best youtuber for techies and BB KI VINES and CARRY MINATI are also the best youtubers of India.

Thats all about earning and there are more easy ways exept these two but for that you need to work hard and learn more programming languages.