New 2000 Currency with Nano Gps With or Not | Just a Hoax

An Interesting News is Spreading All Over Very Fastly That these 2000 and 500 New Notes are Packed With A GPS Locator Think if You Are Bribing Someone And Then the Satellite Will catch The Location And Send It to SBI Department And You Will Be Arrested Every Soon And A Income tax Raid Will Also Going To Held In Your Home.

And One More News Which I Had listen Is that The Notes Are Not Containing Only GPS locator But Also It Is Filled With A Finger Print Sensor by which Only U can Use That Note And Your Gf Your Wife Etc Can Not Be able To Use It.

But Its All A Rumour Don’t Believe This Those Peoples Are spreading This News who Are Not Well Aware Of Science Guys U imagine How the Satellite Can Connect With Only That Note Which Get Bribed At A time Satellite Can target Only Some Notes But At A Time Millions Of People Bribe How Police Get To The correct place and It Also Coming That It Can Search Note Under 150 M Of Ground Imagine That It happened that Notes Contains GPS Signals But Coming Signal To Note From Satellite It Will Too Weak By Which An Exact Location Can not Be Find So These All Note Gps Are Rumours Don’t Believe On them These Notes Are Simple As Others.