Finally Bixby in India

This is a good news for all samsung users who are using samsungs latest smartphones so guys now samsung has its own voice assistant just like ‘SIRI’ in Apple.
Samsung today announced that its Bixby voice capabilities will be available in India, allowing consumers to interact with their smartphones using voice commands. Starting today, the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+1 users can enable Bixby’s voice capabilities in US English by pressing the Bixby button. Consumers can activate Bixby by holding the dedicated button on the Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones, or by simply saying, “Hi, Bixby.”

Announcement By Samsung

As per Samsung, Bixby has been optimized to understand Indian accents. The development of Bixby voice capabilities for Indian consumers was carried out at Samsung Research & Development Institute, Bangalore (SRI-B), Samsung’s largest R&D facility outside Korea.

Bixby aims to bring enhanced smartphone productivity and personalization through Quick Commands, a feature that allows customers to create a custom voice command to use in place of a sequence of one or more commands. For example, one can use the command “good night” as a shortcut for “Turn on Do-not-disturb mode, set an alarm for 6:00 AM and turn on the blue light filter.”

Samsung claims that Bixby understands the way users actually speak, ask questions and make requests. For example, if users take a photo and then tell Bixby to “send the picture just taken to Mom”, Bixby will understand the cross-application command and will know which photo the user is referring to and will send the required text.

This natural language understanding makes interacting with the smartphone easier and more intuitive. With its iterative deep learning technology, Bixby will improve over time to recognize your personal preferences and ways of speaking.

Bixby is an intelligent interface, rather than a standalone app. When an application becomes Bixby-enabled, Bixby will support almost every task that the application is capable of performing using voice, touch or text.

Bixby’s deep integration is also built into the smartphone settings so that you can change phone options-such as setting the screen timeout or showing all notifications-without interrupting what you are currently doing.

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