Battery Drainers- Phone Apps

Most Of us Use Battery Savers and other applications on our android devices. which promise to increase our smartphones battery life but its not true all battery saver only roast your battery as usual other applications do.

Then what do they do

what they do is they only clear application running in background which drains your phones battery more quickly. So Using Battery Savers Will Not increase your battery life thing what you can do they do simple. Just Look If we can clean our house by our own then we don’t need any maid our any worker that only waste of money.
exactly here if we can kill background application by our own then we dont need to use battery savers its all waste of memory.
and one more thing that if you are using battery saver then it will also use your battery then it will drain your battery more then it saves.

What Battery Savers We Use

By Default DU Battery Saver is the most downloaded battery Saver of all time which is completely wrong.

How To Save Our smartphones Battery

If Really Your Battery Life Is Not Good The You Can Try Methods Listed below.

  1. Just Try to work is recommended Display brightness.
  2. Try To Not Play games for more than a hour.
  3. always after closing any application just check isn’t it in process in background.

After These steps there are few more things you can use to prevent battery draining.

And one more thing is that to not use any memory cleaner or ram booster because they do not clean you Ram But They Use your battery more than they save.

How Ram Booster and Memory Cleaners Work?

As We all Are aware of Clean Master one the most downloaded software in 2016 which cleans your memory.
But guys did you ever noticed that whenever you clean your ram By these Cleaners They Create a Unknown Folder in our Device. What They is they clean your phones cache memory and create a folder where they put that thing inside an unreadable file. By This Process they nither clean your phone nor make it battery efficient.