What is Internet? How does Browsers Works

What Is Internet

First of all Internet Stands For International Network Or Inter Networking. It Connects Computer Networks (LAN, WAN, MAN), Stand-Alone PCs And Similar Devices All Over the World Together By means of Wires, telephone Lines, Cables, Microwave and Communication Satellites. It Is Also Know As The “Network Of Networks”. In The Recent Years, the Term ” Information Superhighway” has Also Been used to Mean the Internet.

Internet Is The Largest computer network in the World. Because it Provides numerous Services, such as World Wide Web (www), E-mail, Newsgroup, messaging, FTP And many More. It Is the Network Through Which Data And Information Could Be Exchanged At a large Scale.

:-Characteristics that Make Internet a Unique Network Are:-

It Is No Central Controlling Computer or Device, Although there are supercomputers that from the backbone of the Net.
there is no limit to the number of user that can added to it.
It has no geographical limitation.

:- The Advantages of internet are:

1)It Helps in Searching for information, thereby acting as a huge learning resource.
2)internet is used for online marketing, online banking, online learning, etc.
3)also helps in promoting business.
4)and also helps In Downloading Images, Information, Software, even sound and movies.
5)even more Helps The user To Communicate All Over the World Via E-mail, Video conferencing, Chat rooms, Discussion Forum, Etc.

What Are Browsers

Browser is an Inactive Software that Sits between the user and the Internet. It allows a user to locate and retrieving information from networked information services.Also The browser accepts a request from the user, contacts the relevant web server, and passes the request to it if found. It then receives the information from the contacted server and displays the same on the user’s computer. Browsers use drop-down menus and toolbar buttons to navigate and access resources on the Internet. Examples of common Web Browsers Are- Internet Explorer, Opera etc.