Now a days Computers are the one of the basic need of today’s generation and where Computers do a lot of work as well Humans get infected they also get infected and as Humans diseases are of various kinds with its Own name computer diseases are also been Named one of them is MALWARE (Malicious Software) Continue Reading and I will tell you everything about what are Computer diseases named and how Dangerous they are.

Malware are Like Human Diseases and as Diseases are not good for Humans Malware is also not good at all and it commonly Comes when you surf internet and whenever you see some ads like “win an iphone 7s today ” then u get exited to check whats inside it, from there malware get a place to get injected in your Computer and the second thing from where malware comes is pirated pen drives or pirated software’s etc. Pirated Pen drives are those External Drives which are already contains an infected software or any program.

Malware are of three types which is-“virus”, ”Trojans”, and “worms”

What is Virus?

Virus is a program which is commonly made to make victims computer corrupted. As like if you had downloaded any document from internet which is infected and after successfully the packets of that file injects into you computer it start misbehaving and it can also be closed automatically without instructions as well as slowly slowly it will infect your whole computer by which one day when you operating system will become a junk your pc will be closed. And if you shared that Document with your friends it will infect there’s as well.  

What are Worms?

Worms are also same like viruses but worms are more dangerous than Viruses because it not only infect a file it creates a multiple copies of that infected file and make that file useless. Worms also injected through internet and if a single piece of worm enters your PC it will multiple it self and create millions of copies of a useless file by which your operating system will unable to read that and your OS will Shut Down at any moment.

What are Trojans?

Trojans are those Malicious software’s which are intentionally injected into someones computer through any medium as like Internet. Trojans can be in any face just like any game any software and in most cases they where found in free antivirus software’s. These Malwares Work to spread more Worms and more viruses without letting the user know.