Linux vs Windows

In Computers Whatever You Are Using Was it Linux Or Mac Or Windows They All Are Operating Systems And The Big Que Is What Is An Operating System So Let Me Tell You That Whenever you Open Your PC you See Windows Is Opening Or In MAc Its Something Else And When Your PC Started You Start Any Application Like You Start VLC Media Player Or You Open Chrome Or You Open MS Office What Ever You Open And Start Using Is Operated By Operating System And We Thing We Done a Good Job By Operating Them But Behind That Simple Tasks There is A Huge and A Complex Coding Which Is Managed By Os So They Work Directly For What They Made And Whatever They Need OS Provide Them SO The Application Don’t Need Take A look on management.

All About Linux

Now You Was Thinking That OS Is Very Simple And Easy So What You Say If I Tell You That In Past Time Or Early Times There Was No Os At all So Now You Was Thinking Then How PCs Works So Let me Tell You That in Early Times PCs Was Named as Micro Computers And If You Want To Use That PC You Have to Code that thing What You Want And Only Then You can Use It.

How Do They Use Computers On that times.

Lets Take A example Of Games On That Computers If You Have To play Games First You Have To Code that game Only Then You Will Be Able To Play that game And even You cant Copy That Coding So If You Thing To To Copy that Coding And Use It On Other Computer So You Will Not Be Able To DO That Because Every Computers Have Different hardware So That Coding Will Work On Only On Your Computer.

And On That Time A New OS Was Developed Named “CPM” And Then IBM Tried To Add CPM With Its Company And Thing that Now The Coming Computers Will able To Use CPM But Thats Not Done On That Time A Little Boy Helped IBM By Coded A New OS Named DOS And That Boy Is None Other Then “Bill Gates”.

After DOS There Were New OS Windows And There new Versions Released Which Made Sir Bill Gates The Richest Person On The Planet. So Now You Guys Are Thinking That Now Windows Is Also OK Its Simple And We Are Using It Since Long Time So How This Linux Came Between It So Guys Let Me tell You That Linux Is Also An Operating System And Then Some Developers Think That Windows Is Very Limited And They Think How It will If They Make There Own OS Then The Starting Was Done By Few Developers After That A Huge Team Participated On It And Then We Got Linux.

So Guys Linux Is Also A OS AS I Said And In Linux You Also See “Kernal” Which Is The Main Part Of Any Computer. So Guys Kernal Is The Small Piece Of Software Of OS No matter Which OS You Are Using Windows, Linux, Mac etc. Kernal Is Available in Every OS. And Guys Kernal Is The Thing Which Attach Your Hardware to Your Software Just Like If Any Application Needs To Increase Volume Of Your PC Then Kernal Will Approve The Request And Send To Hardware By Which Your PC Volume Increased.

There Is A Huge Difference Between Linux Kernal And Windows or MAC Kernal The Linux Kernal Is Monorethic Kernal Whereas Windows Or MAC Have Hybrid Kernal But You take Kernal As A Root On Which Every Application Depends To Complete Its Requests And Kernal Provide That What They Need And Shows Us Like An Complete OS.

Examples Of Linux OS

And After That You See Various Kinds Of Versions Of Linux Like Ubuntu Or Kali linux. Whereas Windows Is Now Very Familier To Us. But The Same Work Which Windows Do Linux also But In Some places If u See Then You Will Find That Linux Is Pretty Difficult In using In The Comparison Of Windows Like Whatever Version It Is. Whereas There Is A Difference Between Cost Of Both OS Where Windows Is Expansive But Linux Is Quite Affordable and Linux Is Also Pretty Safe In Comparison Of Windows.