What Is Phishing-

Phishing is The Attempt To Obtain Sensitive information Such As Usernames,and credit Card details (And Sometimes, Indirectly, Money), Often For Malicious Reasons, By Masquerading As a Trustworthy Entity in an Electronic Communication.

How Phishing Works?

Phishing Emails May Contain Links to Websites That Are Infected With Malware. Phishing Is Typically Carried Out By Email Spoofing Or Instant Messaging, And It often Directs users To Enter Details At a fake Website Whose Look And Feel Are Almost Identical To The legitimate One.

Phishing Is An Example Of Social Engineering Techniques Used to Deceive users, And Exploits the Poor Usability Of Current Web Security Technologies. Attempts To deal With The Growing Number Of Reported Phishing Incidents Include Legislation, User, Training, Public Awareness, And Technical Security Measures./p>

Many Websites Have Now Created Secondary tools For Applications, like maps For Games, But they Should Be Clearly Marked As To Who Wrote Them, And users Should Not Use the Same Passwords Anywhere On the Internet. Phishing Is A Continual Threat, and the Risk Is Even Larger In Social Media Such As Facebook, Twitter, And Google+. Hackers Could Create A Clone Of a Website And tell You to Enter Personal Information, Which Is Then Emailed To them.

Hackers Commonly Take Advantages Of these Sites To Attack People Using them at their Workplace, Homes, or in Public In Order to take personal And Security Information That can Affect The User Or Company (if in a workplace environment).

Phishing take Advantage of the trust that the user may have since the user may not be able to tell that the site being visited, or program being used, is not real therefore, when this occurs, the hackers has the chance to gain the personal information of the targeted user, such as passwords, usernames, security codes, and credit card numbers, among other things.

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