A Game which creates terror among all and the most parents are worried about this because this game has already killed millions of teenagers had already commited sucide but only few of them has been rescued which is a bad new so lets check out what this game is and why people are playing this deadly game.

So first of all this game is not available at playstore or apple store this is a online game which can be downloaded Through many websites on goolgle but this game is already be banned last year but because some malicious website still uploading this game to there websites that is why its still online .

What this Game is?-

So This Game ends after 50 days and it gives you some task which you have to do and once you started this game you cant quit and the task are not easy tasks are like you need to use blade or any share thing and make a blue whale on your leg and you have to record a video of making blue whale by cutting your leg and many more such tasks.
you will recieve and the last task will be You need To Commit Suicide.

Yes last task is to commit Sucide and if you say no to this task the will send you a warning like this if you do not commit suicide we will harm your family and you too and they can really do that because they have your all details because when you sign up for the game they will send you a link and if you clicked that link your IP address will be recieved by them and they will get your all information so because teens think they have no way to get out of this game and save themselves they really commit suicide and more than 100 teens already commited suicide in russia.

The Owner of this game have already been jailed but still some peoples are growing this game more. If You are a parent then definetly see what your child is doing on internet and if you are a teen then please dont play this such kind of stupid games because they will not give you anything exept problems so please if you are a member of this game call cyber police and tell them about this and be safe.