How To get Approved In – Adsense

In Nowadays Every Blogger or Youtuber need an adsense approval to earn money but its quite difficult to get an approval to adsense it can take more than a year to get approve in adsense but its not impossible to get approved because few days before I also thinks that its not gonna happen so at 15 try I placed a request and leave, i just deleted and i think now i am not going to get approve but after a weak when i saw my adsense account it shows you are approved that the happiest moment of my life now today i am going to tell you guys also to how get approved by adsense i will tell you my secrets what I used.

First of all if you are creating a blog a technology blog dont make it soo fancy because they dont like much fancy things they only need a simple and clear navigated blog. so you need a theme which will let you show clear navigation to all your posts and pages.

Then most important thing that you dont use a auto generated page where you just open a application and leave and it will send you views you dont use that application have genuine visitors in your website. And then most important thing is pages you need minimum 20 pages and none of your pages should copied from any other website.

Now you need to write a real and unique posts which are written by you not get copied after you write 20-25 posts then try a req to adsense its for sure that a newbie blogger will not get approve at first try but you need to make your blog unique and give a reason to you visitors why are they coming and getting stop at your posts thats all you need to try these things first after if you still not getting approval then try to increase no. of your posts and make sure you write everything by your own not copied and use simple theme and dont mess at your theme by adding soo many sidebar menus and always create an about us and contact us corner at your home page.