Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Inches- Review!!

Asusual Apple has announced its new iPad Pro 10.5 Inches Screen which will Blow out your minds. Apple made it 10.5 inches because not everyone how is professional cannot carry a 12.5 inches display iPad so thats why its 10.5 inches now they reduces 40% edge from sides so its fit exactly in this size. this time they installed 1 billion colors which you can’t even name all.

Lets check out its specs

The 10.5-inch display on the new iPad pro also comes with ProMotion technology that basically delivers a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. So, this is the display that’s meant for you to touch and fall in love with the touch screen experience all over again. The A10X Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture and six cores surprised us and is beyond our own PCs and notebooks that we use daily. And that’s not all, the A10X Fusion chip has the integrated M10 coprocessor that efficiently offloads tasks from the chip to conserve power.

It also calibrates all the sensors in the iPad, so they are ready when you need them. The new 10.5 inch iPad Pro is a workhorse and if you like console gaming you have to try some games on the iPad pro to know what a handy device this one is. Apple’s Metal is optimised to allow the CPU and GPU in the A10X Fusion chip to work together to deliver detailed graphics and complex visual effects and they are on the money.

Despite all this power Apple still promises a 10-hour battery life and in our usage, it lasted us for an average of 8 hours that’s still good enough. iPad Now got the iPhones camera on it. rear camera is 12MP whereas front facing camera is 7MP which is too good now every mode of iPhone camera is available in this iPad Now you can record 4K HD videos with your iPad and features like slow motion are also upgraded and now better. Well, iOS11 is what you need with the iPad pro. And of course, you would like an apple pencil with this iPad.

The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil get even better on the iPad pro with instant notes, instant markup, inline drawing, and searchable handwriting. There is also now a file manager on the iPad Pro with iOS11 which basically helps you manage most of your documents that are on iCloud and even on third party cloud services. The new iOS 11 also gives you split screen capabilities on the new iPad Pro 10.5-inch which can be really handy.

To get even more productivity going you would also like to have the Smart Keyboard with the iPad Pro. Yes, it is smaller than the 12.9 inch iPad Pro keyboard, but it’s a full-size keyboard that’s just 4mm thin. The keyboard easily integrates with the display cover of the iPad and can be also stored in the leather sleeve that Apple is offering with the new iPad pro. Obviously, you’ll have to pay for the leather sleeve, keyboard and the pencil.

So overall the new 10.5-inch iPad pro is the iPad that many would like because of its right size, great new iOS11 features and a storage option of as high as 512 GB. It’s the iPad meant for professionals who are into creative fields. In fact, it is that must have gadget, that every developer, graphics professional and a photoshop artist.

This entire iPad Pro will cost you 76900 Rs, the Smart Keyboard is priced at Rs 13,900, the classy Leather Sleeve is priced at Rs 11,500 and if you go bold and plan to get the Apple Pencil, it’ll cost you Rs 8,600. So if you have deep pockets in order of Rs 1,10,900, sure the new 10.5 inch iPad pro makes all the sense and yes, it’s capable of replacing your everyday notebook.