Nowadays Xiaomi is becoming the leading brand after it launches Redmi Note 3 it is becoming the most sold Smartphones in India and after Redmi Note 3 Xiaomi has Launched Redmi Note 4 which is a worthy Smartphone because of its new features and affordable price. If you are a Redmi Note 4 user or planning to Buy one then definitely check these tricks and Features will take you out of this world.

Tricks and Features which makes Redmi Note 4 more Worthy

Second Space

This is one of the main features which was introduced by Xiaomi with the MIUI 8 and it is called the Second Space. Now what it allows you to do is, create a second space i.e. it allows you to create a private profile separately within your device. You can use this as your private work profile when you are at work, etc. You can find this setting under System & Device list in settings. Once you tap into it, it will create a second space and it will ask to set a new password for this private space. This way you can easily secure your data on the go, and you don’t have to worry about anyone else getting hands on them. Once the second space has been created, an icon will pop up on the home screen with which you can switch back and forth.

Long Screenshot ( Continues Screenshot)

Because I am also a Redmi Note 4 user I had experienced this and believe me this is one of the best feature Xiaomi has introduced. if you are reading an article on Smarty Nayan and you need to take the screenshot of the entire page, then instead of taking multiple screenshots of the article, you and get it in one single image. In order to use this feature, simply take a screenshot and tap on the preview at the top and then tap on the scroll from the menu. You can then select the length of the screenshot and tap done to save it.

SMS Scheduling

The SMS scheduling option may not seem like a big feature, but it definitely makes a lot of sense especially if you are a person who tends to forget things easily. With the SMS scheduling option, you have the option to schedule an SMS on a particular time. To use this feature, simply go to any conversation page and tap on the “+” icon at the side. From here, select the Timed option to schedule a time, and the SMS will be automatically sent on that particular time which you set.

Mi Mover

If you ever visited Settings of your Redmi Note 4 you have definitely found this option for sharing and this is really quick but Mi Mover is simply an app. It app will generate a QR Code which can be scanned on the other sending end, and the pretty any files can be transferred to and forth.

App Lock

App Lock is one of the most underrated features of any Android smartphone. Earlier the feature was not available on any device, and hence third party apps were launched for the same. Now, however, the MIUI 8 brings this feature to your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 out of the box. You can find this feature under App settings in the settings menu. Once you are in the setting, you can select which apps to be secured using the App lock feature and then you can tap to create a new password for the same.

Wifi connect by QR Code

With this feature, you can simply allow some other device to use your Wi-Fi i.e. share your Wi-Fi with them by allowing to just scan the QR code. Essentially this will save some time for the other user since he/she doesn’t have to enter the password, etc. to get the access. To use this feature, simply, go the Wi-Fi menu and then tap on your connected Wi-Fi and a code will be generated there which can be scanned by the other user.